The famous cartoon is based on the image below (version 1);

Project Cartoon Version 1

Since than eight new cells have been add with more on the way. The new cells are based on my own ideas or on suggestions sent to me. Below are the credits for the new cells and translations. If you have any ideas for new cells please email them to [email protected]

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If you would like to use the cartoon, I don't mind. However, I don't own the copyright on the original cartoon. I only own the new cells I added. I give permission to use my cells under Creative Commons.

Credits & Thanks

Suggestions for new cells:

"The disaster recovery plan" by Tze Weng Foong
"When it was delivered" by Curtis
"How It Preformed Under Load" by Esko Luontola (www.orfjackal.net)
"How patches were applied" by Esko Luontola (www.orfjackal.net)


German by Raymond (www.troubledesynz.de)
Spanish by César (www.cesarolea.com)
Finnish by Susanna
Swedish by Susanna
Chinese by Liang Nan
Polish by Ikari (www.ikari.pl)
Portuguese by José (www.josefernandes.pt)
Italian by Raffaele (blogs.ugidotnet.org/raffaeu) and Marco (www.aidiia.com)
Arabic by Ahmed Mozaly (AhmedMozaly.blogspot.com)
French by Julien
Serbian (crillic / latin) by Sasa Tomic (sasatomic.blogspot.com)
Dutch by Patrick Kik (www.patrickkik.nl)
Japanese by Woodstock (open.secret.jp)
Brazilian Portuguese by Donaldo M. Dagnone
Hungarian by Attila Ondi
Turkish by opereysin (www.opereysin.com